4 Types of Depression Therapy

13 October 2021
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Depression is a mental illness that causes anhedonia, sadness, and even anger in the people who suffer from it. Depression can occur at any time, and it's always important to take it seriously and have it treated by a professional. Here are some types of depression treatments that can help people with depression get better:

1. Pediatric Therapy

Unfortunately, depression isn't solely a problem for adults. People of any age can suffer from depression. Kids may develop depression following a traumatic life event. Likewise, some children may simply be more genetically predisposed to developing depression than others. Getting treatment as soon as possible can help kids with depression lead happy and healthy lives. Pediatric therapists understand children's unique psychology. They have the learning and tools needed to help kids work through their depression using a combination of talk and play therapy.

2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

It's common for people with depression to get into negative cycles that reinforce their depressed feelings. For instance, someone with depression may feel like they are worthless, which can worsen their symptoms. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help people change their mindsets and behavior to overcome depression. CBT gives patients exercises they can do to address specific problems in their lives. This action-oriented therapy can show results in a matter of weeks.

3. Psychiatric Care

People with depression can benefit from psychiatric care. Psychiatrists can perform the same functions as psychotherapists and counselors. However, they also have the ability to write prescriptions for patients. A psychiatrist who also offers counseling can help patients get on the right medications to treat their depression. Antidepressants can be used to relieve the acute symptoms of depression, allowing patients to function more normally so they can get as much benefit from their therapy sessions as possible.

4. Art Therapy

Art therapy uses a different tactic than many other types of therapy. As in other types of therapy, patients are encouraged to have a dialogue with their therapists. However, art therapy focuses heavily on self-expression through the medium of visual art. In art therapy, people are given the opportunity to depict their thoughts and feelings using color, lines, analyzing the art they've made, patients can explore the roots of their depression. Art therapy can be especially beneficial for people who have a hard time putting their emotions and experiences into words.

Consult with a professional about which depression treatment option(s) is right for you or your child.