Reasons To Start Seeing A Couples Therapist As Soon As You Marry

6 July 2021
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Many married couples do eventually seek out couples therapy, but only once they run into problems in their marriage. You may want to consider a different approach. If you can manage to do so, attending couples therapy as soon as you get married can be really helpful. Here are a few of the benefits you can look forward to.

You'll get guidance as you adapt to one another.

Even if you lived together before you got married, getting married can feel like the start of your life as a unified, committed couple. And while this can be exciting, it can also be a bit challenging. Many couples struggle to adapt to the way their other half does things. For example, you may struggle with the fact that your partner likes to wash the dishes after every meal, whereas you set this aside as a chore to do every few days. When you work with a couples therapist early in your marriage, your counselor can help you adapt to one another. They can give you recommendations to help you compromise, and they can guide you in talking through some of the conflicts that arise. Then, later in your relationship, you'll have these skills to draw on whenever there are larger conflicts.

You'll get guidance in managing relationships with your families.

Marriage is not just about the two of you coming together as one. It's also about your families coming together, and sometimes, that can be the hardest part! Especially when you are newlyweds, learning how to balance the expectations of your parents with your own expectations can be tough. You may need to set some boundaries and have hard conversations. A couples therapist can guide you through this and ensure the two of you keep working together as a team, even when there is some family conflict.

You'll learn to recognize conflict in a relationship.

So many people have the habit of ignoring conflict or looking past it. But this only lets the conflict grow larger over time. If you work with a couples therapist early on, they'll help you identify and address any conflicts in your relationship. This way, you can nip them in the bud before they become major issues that might pull you apart.

As soon as you get married, consider seeing a couples therapist. Even if you only attend once a month, it can be beneficial for the longevity of the relationship.