How Does Individual Counseling Compare To Group Therapy?

13 May 2020
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Many people utilize the services of therapists to get help and change their lives for the better. There are various forms of therapy available. You can get one on one counseling, you can see a therapist as a couple or as a family, or you can take advantage of group therapy with other people who are outside of your family or friend circle. No matter how you choose to get help through therapy, it's a big step to ask for help and admit that you need guidance. If you're thinking of seeing a therapist, you may be wondering what type of therapy is best for you. Keep reading to better understand how individual therapy compares to group therapy.

Individual Therapy

Many people do choose to seek individual therapy counseling. In this kind of setup, you're paired with a therapist privately. You will show up to your sessions and get one-on-one attention. There are some great benefits to this type of therapy:

  • Get individualized attention and plenty of time to focus on your needs
  • Your therapist will provide treatment and suggestions that are geared towards your needs
  • Take your time and work through your struggles at a pace that you're comfortable with 
  • Your sessions are confidential and the information shared is only between you and your therapist 
  • Schedule therapy sessions at a time that works well for you

Group Therapy

Another option is group therapy. You can gather with other people at the same time and be counseled with the help of a therapist. While this is different than one-on-one therapy, this kind of counseling also offers many benefits:

  • You'll realize that you're not alone in your struggles
  • You have the support of other people who can be there for you through your difficult times
  • Learn to feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings
  • Develop more self-awareness as you listen to other people talk about similar struggles 
  • Save money on the cost of therapy 

No matter which type of therapy you choose to explore, there is help out there. If you're struggling through a difficult time in life or have some past issues that you still need to work on, it's always a good idea to consider therapy. A trained therapist can work with you and help you overcome your struggles. If you have any questions, or if you're ready to sign up for one on one counseling services, contact a therapist in your community.