Top Benefits of Play Therapy for Children

8 May 2020
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There are many reasons why a young child may need counseling, but traditional forms of therapy commonly used for adult patients do not always translate well for pediatric patients. Thus, many therapists who treat children employ play therapy into their sessions with patients who are very young. Play therapy uses evidence-based techniques to help ensure that pediatric patients receiving counseling get the most out of each session that they attend. If you believe that your young child is in need of counseling by a professional for any reason, look for a therapist who has received training in child's play therapy. Some of the benefits children often receive from play therapy include:

Opportunity to Express Emotions

Talk based therapy can be very beneficial for adults, but young children rarely have the language skills or mental maturity to discuss how they are feeling with a therapist. Play therapy gives pediatric patients an outlet for expressing their emotions without having to attempt to explain how they feel in words. A therapist who is highly experienced in play therapy can gain a lot of insight into his or her patient during a session that features play therapy. 

More Comfortable for Children

Traditional counseling sessions can be scary or anxiety-inducing for young kids who may not understand why they are meeting with a stranger. Some children may be shy or just feel uncomfortable having to talk with someone who they do not know well. However, playing is something that comes naturally for kids, which is why play therapy can be so effective. When a therapist employs play therapy, his or her pediatric patients are more likely to feel comfortable and at ease. Many children really enjoy play therapy counseling sessions and can develop a trusting bond with their therapist.

Promotes Growth

Some children require counseling due to exposure to trauma, while others may begin therapy in order to correct behavior issues. No matter why you are seeking counseling for your child, play therapy is designed to promote growth. Kids that partake in play therapy with an experienced therapist can make a lot of positive progress over time, which is one of the major goals of counseling. Play therapy can help increase confidence and creativity, as well as the ability to regulate behavior and make good decisions. If your child has been exposed to trauma, play therapy can help restore your child's sense of safety and security.