How To Prepare For Your First Therapy Appointment

28 April 2020
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Many people go through struggles in their life. If you're going through a tough time or you have some trauma from your past that you finally want to address, you may be thinking of seeing a therapist. This can give you a chance to talk to a professional, learn new coping strategies or changes to make in your behavior, and live a better life. Many people go to therapy, so it's not something to be afraid of or embarrassed about doing. If you're feeling a bit nervous about your first session, keep reading to better understand how to prepare for your first therapy appointment.

Keep an Open Mind

When you first show up for therapy, you'll want to go into the room with an open mind. If you already have fears or uncertainties about therapy, it will be harder to get what you need out of your sessions. Having an open mind can allow you to go with the flow and get the help that you need. It also will be helpful not to build up expectations early on. 

It Will Take Some Time to Build Trust

You may feel uncomfortable talking with your therapist at first. That's totally normal because it does take time to build trust with anyone new, even a therapist. Get to know your therapist and learn about them to help yourself feel more at ease before you share all of the big stuff. 

Don't Expect to Talk About Everything on the First Day

It will take many sessions for you to tell your story and let your therapist know what's bothering you or what you're struggling with right now. Don't feel like you have to tell them everything during the first couple of sessions. 

Remind Yourself That Your Therapist Is There to Help

It can feel like you're being judged when you spill your guts to a therapist. But reminding yourself that you're there to get help and that they're there to help you is important. This can help you feel a lot more at ease and more willing to share.

Listen to Your Feelings After Your Session

Pay attention to how you feel after your first session. You should hopefully feel a lot less anxiety or fear compared to when you first walked into the door. Allowing yourself to feel and listening to your feelings is a must.

Therapy can be a great resource and it can make your life better. Don't let your fears stop you from attending your first counseling session! 

To learn more, contact a counseling center.