How Does Suboxone Work When Breaking A Drug Addiction?

14 April 2020
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Millions of American teens and adults experiment with drugs, and many of these individuals will develop an addiction to these drugs as a result. If you are struggling with drug addiction and don't know where to turn, seek help from a professional. You might find that breaking the addiction is slightly easier to do if you incorporate Suboxone into your treatment plan. Here are some details about how Suboxone works when used to help a person break a drug addiction.

Suboxone Is a Medication

Suboxone is a medication that contains two key ingredients, and each helps in a different way to break an addiction. First, it contains buprenorphine, which blocks opiate receptors. This part of suboxone helps reduce the cravings a person feels after stopping the use of drugs. The second medication found in Suboxone is naloxone. Naloxone helps reverse the way opiates affect the brain and body. With these medications placed in one product, it can provide effective results to a person who is trying to stop using opioids.

The Goal Is to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the reasons people experience problems breaking drug addictions is the way they feel when they stop using. They instantly begin experiencing major cravings. They will even get sick when they do not use more drugs. To ease these symptoms, doctors have found that using Suboxone makes it easier. If a person can detox from drugs and begin working on the treatment, it may improve the person's chances of breaking the addiction. Suboxone helps this happen.

Doctors Aim to Taper Patients Off the Drug

The goal of suboxone is not simply to replace drugs with medication, even though this is what initially happens. The goal is for doctors to help people taper off the medication over time. It may take months for this to occur or longer. Eventually, though, a person should no longer need to use the medication.

It Works Best with Other Treatment Options

When a doctor prescribes Suboxone, he or she will use it in conjunction with other treatment methods. A person should not rely on the medication alone. He or she will need counseling services as well and other forms of treatment. When you combine Suboxone with other treatment options, the person has a higher chance of breaking the addiction.

If you need help breaking a drug addiction, contact a counseling center that provides drug addiction treatment services. Look for a clinic like Neurodiagnostics and Therapeutics, PLLC that specifically provides Suboxone treatment.