Why Drug Detox Is Vital To A Successful Recovery Program

7 April 2020
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When you go through drug detox treatment, you get the support you need to remove drugs from your system physically. During this time you are monitored so that you are safe throughout the process. Detox treatment involves giving you the help necessary to avoid a relapse. As withdrawal symptoms are different depending on what you are abusing, how often you use it, and how much you consume, detox treatment is the best way to manage. If you try to detox by yourself at home, you put yourself at high risk for a relapse. Many people begin using drugs again as a way to stop the withdrawal symptoms from getting worse, creating a cycle of drug abuse that is impossible to stop.

The First Step of Detox Treatment

The first phase of detox is to enter a treatment facility so that you can be monitored. You will begin to work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. Your detox can last a few days or longer than a week. As you go through the withdrawal phase, your counselor will talk to you about your next steps in treatment. While some people return home after detox treatment, others move on to a short-term rehabilitation program for further care.

Detox Treatment and Beyond

Once you physically remove substances from your body, it's time to focus on your emotional connection to substances. This is done by working with an individual therapist, attending meetings in the community, or going to a rehab program. You can seek treatment in an intensive outpatient program if you have a safe home to return to or go to a partial hospitalization program. You will talk to your counselor about how safe you feel going back home or if you are not ready right after detox.

Treatment Programs After Short-Term Rehabilitation

Drug detox gets you started on the right path. You get the guidance you need to make further decisions regarding your treatment. After short-term rehabilitation, you can go to a program for a longer period of time. These can last about six months and are a great way to build on the skills you began learning in drug detox treatment. If you still aren't ready to return home, you can move forward to a sober living community where you live among peers all working on a recovery program. When you are ready to break free from addiction, it's time to get started with drug detox treatment.

For more information, contact a drug detox treatment center in your area.