Why NGChat?

Next Generation Chat is fresh live chat software which contains very special funcionalities to help you in the e-commerce indystry. Don’t wait! Improve your conversion rates and sales now!

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We give you live chat tailored specifically for e-commerce.

NGChat is a solution which, contrary to other live chats, provides you with information which is vital for sellers and the e-commerce industry.

By selecting our solution you will receive a full set of tools which will facilitate increasing your sales, as well as analyzing conversion rates in order to gain a competitive advantage and an increase in ROI.

Full support for customers in real-time

Become an expert. Advise your clients and respond in real-time.

NGChat allows you to communicate with your clients in real-time, promptly react to clients’ questions and provide them with immediate assistance.

As a result of your quick response clients will stay on your shop’s website. Moreover, they will be able to continue shopping safely, knowing that you will assist them in an instant whenever needed.

By sending your own communications to clients, you become an adviser who anticipates their questions, giving them a sense of comfort and security while using your shop.


Quick information exchange

Do not keep your customers waiting.

NGChat enables you to communicate with your clients quickly and transparently, which encourages them to make quicker decisions to purchase, while you receive instant feedback.

According to statistics, faster exchange of information may increase the number of client-orders placed by a factor of 5. Moreover, orders are completed more quickly and efficiently than in e-shops which do not use live chat.it.

Building customer engagement

Make your customers feel happy.

NGChat enables you to target and personalize messages for your clients. That way you make them feel important. Their trust and satisfaction increases as a result of the assistance they received.

This enables you to build your brand and create a positive image of a company which cares for its clients. Clients engaged in such a way are 9 times more willing to buy a product and 6 times more satisfied with their purchases.


Ongoing tracking and analyzing

Monitor your clients’ activity in real-time.

NGChat enables you to follow and monitor your clients’ activity in real-time. This allows you to convert traffic on your website into paying clients.

Observing what your clients are browsing and which products are most frequently added to their carts, as well as the value of the orders they place, gives you the opportunity to engage them in a conversation and propose a tailored offer. This enables you to meet their expectations and encourages them to make another purchase.

Higher conversion rates and sales

Use live chat charm to increase your ROI.

NGChat displays full information on clients’ orders and their shopping preferences. This gives you an immense database filled with information which you can transform into the best sales strategy.

NGChat enables you to anticipate your clients’ movements and lead them down the desired shopping path until the order is completed. Live chat support encourages your clients to spend 55% more money than previously.


Increase your reach and customer base

Turn new clients into regular customers.

NGChat allows you to offer the highest quality customer service to your clients. If you listen to your clients and care about them, they will be more willing to return to your website and increase your traffic, and consequently they will turn into regular clients.

Live chat support will enable you to expand your recipients’ base and increase your reach. Distinguish yourself from competitors and show your clients that it is worth coming back to you.

What client says about us?


I have been working with e-commerce for a very long time and it's the first time I can tell you that I have finally found live chat software which fully meets my expectations. NGChat allows me to communicate with my clients online as well as contains a lot of outstanding features which help my company develop dynamically. I have expanded my business and most importantly my clients get what they want, what do I need more? I recommend NGChat. 

Easy to set up and operate. It contains a lot of features, analyses and statistics- this is exactly what I need. NgChat gives you a lot of opportunities.


I've been looking for live chat and I have finally found the one that satisfies my needs. I can't imagine working without NGChat.  It's e-commerce revolution.


NGChat offers both constant contact with our clients as well as opportunity to achieve real success. I have increased sales using NgChat. I strongly recommend it. 


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