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TrollGuard – How to Handle Cumbersome Clients

16 May 2016

There is no single definition of a cumbersome client—there are as many characters as there are people. For one person a cumbersome client is an aggressive one, for another it will be a stressed out, pushy, overly secretive, shy and hesitant client. Everything depends on the industry in which you operate. There is always one basic theory—it is a client, i.e. a person who evaluates you considering how you treat them.

Everyone who has contact with clients on a daily basis knows only too well that various situations may occur which are sometimes surprising and unpredictable. The reaction of the salesperson or a customer service specialist can sometimes be too emotional, not well-thought-out, and, consequently, not necessarily appropriate. What should you do to have a clear conscience and react in compliance with binding ethical norms and your moral principles?

Focus on the problem

 It is all too frequent that we perceive client’s attacks as attacks on ourselves and we take them personally. You need to remember that you are only performing your duties and, therefore, you are not an individual, but rather a representative of the entire company. If you approach the situation in an overly emotional manner, you become defensive and then you attack. Focus on the actual problem rather than on returning the blows. Listen to the client, let them tell you the whole story and try to understand them—after all, you are a client as well on numerous occasions. Making excuses for yourself and your company only irritates your interlocutor, who expects concrete actions to be taken. Assure them that you will do everything you can to resolve their problem.

The real face of an Internet troll

You cannot please everyone. There is always someone who will try to damage your image and only you can prevent it. An Internet troll is an Internet user who publishes insulting comments on the Internet which are full of invectives. These are mainly comments on message boards and social media posts. Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to spot such a person, because they do not hide their judgements. The problem is that one incorrect reaction on your side can bring you down even further. Usually trolls aim to provoke. They do not care for a substantive discussion or a conversation about the problem and they do not expect explanations. Many entrepreneurs fall for this trick and start defending themselves, sometimes by using similarly offensive content toward the hater. Such behavior is totally unacceptable.

There are two ways one can handle an Internet troll. The first is simply ignoring them. If the comments are not overly offensive and you are able to handle them, and other Internet users do not react to them, leave them unanswered. If the aggression increases, then you cannot remain indifferent. Deleting comments is the last resort, if you decide that it is necessary, ask the website administrator who can also block such a user.

You cannot please everyone

We do not always act rationally in problematic situations. We follow feelings which affect the decisions we make. Remember that you cannot satisfy everyone. Do not try to force happiness onto the entire world. If your conscience is clear and you know you did everything in your power to help the client, but the uncomfortable situation persists, give up on any further actions. It is more important for you to follow your conscience.

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