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Revolution in the eCommerce Industry

4 April 2016

In sales, customer satisfaction is the key issue. Each seller seeks to obtain the highest number of regular customers. However, to achieve this, we must focus on their needs and gain their trust. NGChat was created for companies who want to overcome the barrier existing in Internet sales between the seller and the customer. As a result, you can “be closer” to the customer, which e – commerce pays special attention to.

There are many differences between Internet sales and traditional sales. Both forms of sales have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be worked on, focused on, and minimized as much as possible. Persons who are aware of this, have created NGChat, thanks to which e-trade has several fewer weaknesses.

Clash of the titans – online and offline sales

Comparison of these two forms of sales will allow us to learn about their pros and cons and, at the same time, become aware of how much we could gain by using NGChat. Undoubtedly, traditional sales has a longer history and is therefore more widely known and used by, in particular, elderly people, who are faithful to traditional solutions. As can be easily concluded, online sales is used by young people who value time, convenience, and the possibility of fast shopping without leaving the house.

Numerous promotions and exceptional prices also attract customers to online stores. Disadvantages of e-sales, and at the same time advantages of traditional sales, include the lack of direct contact with the customer and the lack of possibility to touch and check the product which we want to buy. NGChat faces that first disadvantage, which seems to be more important than the possibility of touching and examining the goods.

Internet stores are visited more often by customers. In this way, the traditional form of purchase loses some of its importance. Therefore, sellers have to pay growing attention not to the goods themselves, and the offer, but to customer service. Today, what counts is the way we sell, not what the goods are.

For your benefit

NGChat is mostly benefits, the only disadvantage is the fact that we have an additional obligation consisting of regular contact with the customer. This, however, should not be an argument which leads to abandoning such a solution. An obvious issue is the fact that one’s own company requires development, continuous improvement, and introduction of changes on the basis of newly founded technologies. If we want to be better, we need to ensure it happens.

NGChat means real-time conversation with customers. For e-mails, this time is significantly longer. The user sends us a message, then they have to wait a few hours, sometimes even a day or two, for an answer. What happens when they need immediate information on a specific product or purchasing process? For this reason alone, it is worth opening a new communication channel in your e-store, which is of course live chat.

We keep in contact with customers throughout the time they stay on our website. We can help them choose and more effectively lead them through the whole shopping process. The user feels safer because he/she knows that at any time he/she can ask us for help. In most cases, customers who choose stationary stores rather than Internet stores, do so because they can talk to the seller and ask for advice. The face-to-face contact is the prevailing feature of offline stores for them.

If we want to convince customers to use Internet stores, we need to give them something more, something which will give them the safety which, until recently, was absent in e-commerce. Everything related to the use of the services of companies via the Internet was perceived as hardly credible and, only after some time, was it possible to persuade society towards it. Since we have the application which may bring us closer to the customer, why not use it? NGChat means:

  • no limitations
  • direct contact with a customer
  • the possibility to suggest to them the product they are looking for
  • the possibility of getting to know your target group, its needs, and expectations
  • the growing of customers trust
  • building a positive opinion about a brand
  • modern and innovative approach to sales.
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