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Organization of Posts in Social Media – a Necessary Task for Image Building

25 May 2016

Building an image of a company may be passive, i.e. focused on delivering the offer and satisfying clients’ needs, or it may be active, where the improvement of the image is the immediate goal. Social media play an important role with regard to the latter. Establishing a strong bond with a client, however, can prove to be a difficult task which not everyone can handle.

Social media from several perspectives

It is advisable to start by thinking about aspects in which social media can help you. Obviously, they are excellent for building a company’s image, but it is not only for that reason that you should have an established Internet presence. A young company can present itself to a broader audience while a company undergoing a crisis can increase traffic on its website. It is also an opportunity to reduce costs earmarked for marketing, which is particularly important for entrepreneurs with limited funds. Well-organized posts and interesting content also increase client loyalty. So what does being “well-organized” actually entail?

Work on an individual strategy

As many as 78% of Internet users confirm that a company’s posts in social media may influence their purchasing decisions. Is it not a great reason, then, to start your career in social media or improve your social media activities? Strategy is a foundation which we build based on our goals and capabilities. No goal means no motivation—remember! Posting on Facebook or Twitter requires devoting more time for social media-related duties. Having an account on a social media portal and being invisible is unacceptable. The number of posts, however, does not translate into the company’s success. You do not need to flood Internet users with new posts every day, because after a while you will either run out of ideas or, instead of surprising, you will become boring.

Consider how frequently you can post content on your fanpage. Do not forget that you need to create it beforehand. If you do it once a week, then the situation looks good. A post every other day or every three days is a perfect solution. However, all of the above requires you to be systematic. If you decide to post content every other day, you cannot fail in doing this, because if you do, you will lose your client’s trust. This is why you should not plan to do something that could overwhelm you.

Everything and nothing—it does not work

One post after another, and another in your mind, and so the story goes every day… Is it worth writing for writing’s sake? It is impossible to constantly create large amounts of content. The problem lies in its quality, i.e. its value. Create a consistent marketing strategy and stick to it, do not deviate from the adopted concept. This does not mean that you cannot let yourself get a bit crazy from time to time. You can regularly post advice connected with the industry in which you operate. Interesting titbits and videos such as “backstage insights” are a good way to elicit interest. You should also organize competitions with prizes once a month, and offer discount coupons to Internet users for every upcoming new season. The content must be consistent, but not monotonous. Also, the form in which it is conveyed is important. Complement text with graphics or films. Try to ensure that it reflects your company and shows it as it really is.

Regularity and a systematic approach plus originality and consistence—the rest is up to you!

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