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Launching an eCommerce Business – How to Start?

18 May 2016

At first, there was chaos… Can you avoid it, when the workload is so heavy? A well-planned job is half of the success, if not more! E-commerce is one of the most robustly developing industries in Poland. Interest in online purchases is constantly growing, and sellers try to provide their services both online and offline. It may be difficult at first, but there are no obstacles which you cannot overcome.

Make your plans come true

Sometimes you want to do something, but you do not know how to start. In the case of commerce, there is another problem—what to sell? Finding a niche in the market can prove to be a challenge, but do not worry—there are many entrepreneurs who made it work. If you think that the ideas in your head are not original in any way, and there are so many similar things on the market that you cannot possibly defeat such a great number of competitors, do not give up, try to do it even better. The clothing or cosmetics industry can be considered as a good example for this. There are a great number of clothes and cosmetics from well-known brands on the Internet. Maybe it would be good to try to find smaller manufacturers who are not as popular in your country? Focus on communication using multiple channels and advertising, allowing the Internet community to know that you are entering the market with something that is already there, but you offer a slightly different form.

Select the software

It is impossible to run an Internet shop without an e-commerce platform. You do not need an abundant budget, the finances are a secondary issue. There are various types of software on the market—free, cheap and expensive, you do not need to start from a high level. You can take your time to consider all options and select the one which addresses your needs and does not consume the entire budget you have at your disposal. See what each of the platforms can offer, what applications are available, and how quickly you can start to operate.

A client-friendly website

Creating a website for a shop can be both pleasant and easy. Remember, however, that it must be user-friendly. Do not introduce unnecessary chaos or a large number of subpages. What is simple for you, may prove to be a big problem for a person visiting the website for the first time. Focus on simplicity and minimalism. Make sure that products are properly grouped into categories and filters are in place. The website should be transparent but it should also have an original format and captivating graphic design. It must attract attention and distinguish itself from competitors. After all, you want to be remembered.

Visible in search engines

Also, you cannot skip website optimization, i.e. adjusting the content on your website to the search engine requirements: key words, proper text formatting, and URLs. The more reliable your work is in that respect, the greater the chance that you will be positioned higher in Google search results. Create valuable content, but do not forget about an SEO strategy.

Communication as an added value

A website is not everything. You must be where your clients are. Make sure that your website is adjusted for viewing on mobile devices. Social media presence is no longer a possibility—it is an obligation. Plan your e-mail marketing strategy and think about live chat. After all, the better the communication, the better the chance you have to satisfy your client.

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