Thanks to the full support for the integration of our application with shops based on the WooCommerce platform, you will install NGChat on the website of your e-shop within just a few minutes.

Installation of NGChat for shops based on WooCommerce is very simple and quick. All you have to do is add a plugin to your website which we provide free of charge. This means that you don’t have to install a special software or waste time to learn an application’s specification. We will deliver all that with just a few clicks!


When you choose NGChat, you acquire a new efficient way for reaching your customers. Our live chat will help you increase the satisfaction of your customers with the purchases they make, and thus improve your sales results.


NGChat is an application based on the SaaS model. All you have to do is download a plugin for WooCommerce and add it on your shop’s website. It will take you less than 5 minutes!

See how quickly you can integrate NGChat with WooCommerce:

5 simple steps to install the NGChat plug-in

1. Download the NGChat plug-in. You can find a link to the WooCommerce system plug-in here:  link

2. You need to introduce the following changes before installing the plug-in:

  • in the index.php file add the following in line 2 “ob_start();” and in the last line “ob_end_flush();”
  • in the wp-login.php file add the following in line 2 “ob_start();” and before the end of the script (before </script>) add: <?php ob_end_flush(); ?>
  • in the admin-ajax.php file add the following in line 2 “ob_start();” and at the end before die(‘0′); add “ob_end_flush();”
  • in the wp-include/option.php file add the following in line 2 “ob_start();” and add “ob_end_flush();” at the end.

3. Select “Plug-ins” from the menu and then Add plug-in -> Upload a plug-in to the server.

4. After correct upload, all you need to do is find the NGChat plug-in on the list of plug-ins and click “Activate”.

5. Go to NGChat plug-in settings, enter your login and password for the NGChat.com website.