Very easy and fast integration of NGChat with shops based on the PrestaShop platform.

5 simple steps to install the NGChat plug-in

1. Download the NGChat plug-in.

Download PrestaShop plug-in


2. Sign in to the administration panel of your PrestaShop system.

3. Go to Modules by selecting Modules from the menu and then go to the ADD NEW MODULES section, and upload the previously downloaded plug-in by using the upload files option.


4. After the plug-in is correctly uploaded, find the NGChat plug-in on the Modules list, click the install button and confirm the installation.


5. After correct installation, the PrestaShop system will automatically redirect you to the NGChat configuration panel. Enter your NGChat API Key.

If you will have any problems with integration , please contact our support team immediately. We are here to help you during whole installation process

Thanks to full support for shops based on PrestaShop, you can quickly synchronise your website with our application. Integration is very easy and only requires to install a plugin to the PrestaShop panel which we provide free of charge. It will take you less than 5 minutes!

 Strengthen the potential of your shop by increasing sales and gaining a broad group of satisfied customers thanks to NGChat which will help you communicate with your recipients on an on-going basis so you will always be available!

 NGChat is an application based on the SaaS model (Software-as-a-service), which means that you won’t have to install any additional software for your shop. All you have to do is download a plugin for PrestaShop and add it on your shop’s website. This will only take you a few minutes.