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Full insight into client’s data

Having full access to information about clients and their orders, an agent monitors and analyzes their every movement on the shop’s website.

Agents send a message to the client whenever they notice a situation in which they can offer their support and suggest the best solution. This enables agents to influence decisions made by clients.

The message is displayed in the chat window and encourages the client to interact with the agent, facilitating making shopping decisions.

When the agent is online

A client who needs assistance can quickly and easily talk to an agent by sending a message in the chat window.

The message is automatically delivered to an available agent and displayed on a transparent dashboard together with full information about the client, which is worth using while assisting the client.

The agent provides prompt assistance to the client and resolves any doubts which may prevent the client from making a purchase.


When the agent is offline

The client can send a message to an agent even if the agent is unavailable. NGChat provides support for your clients 24/7.

A message sent by the user, a so-called ticket, is saved in the system and agents can read it after signing in to the panel. This ensures that every message from your clients will be received.

After signing in to the panel, the agent receives the ticket and responds to the client while ensuring that the conversation continues smoothly, establishing contact with the client. This allows the client to return to the shop’s website at any time to make a purchase.

Trigger support

When a user spends a certain amount of time on the shop’s website, the NGChat system can send a pop-up message, a so-called trigger, the objective of which is to

The trigger launches automatically after setting up the relevant parameters in the panel. While configuring triggers, the agent can select actions which are to be communicated to the client in order to make the client pay particular attention to them.

Upon seeing the trigger the user may respond to it, or be redirected to a certain webpage. That way the user completes the objective established by the agent and executes the desired activity.


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