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[Guide] Creating Content Which Will Find Its Way to Your Clients

27 May 2016

Not all topics are easy. You bend over backwards, and still nothing you could call interesting and original comes to mind? Do not worry, you are not alone. Many firms believe that it is impossible to create good content for their industry. Such an opinion is held mainly by companies in the insurance industry, firms selling screws and drills as well as other tools or accessories for fit-out and construction work, and companies operating in the medical market. Is it the right view?

 The main truths about content marketing

  1. Yours and your client’s values: every company has its values, or at least it should. They are not about particular models and ideas because everyone has different ones. It is important to be able to display them, convey them to recipients and teach by using them. Also, you need to know your client’s values. You need to get acquainted with them, conduct thorough analysis and use this knowledge to create content.
  2. The effect of surprise: you cannot let your company become boring. Even if you have managed to gain your recipients’ trust, do not slow down—go even faster. Now they will expect more. What was in the past quickly stops being enough.
  3. The role of an expert: when creating content bear in mind that there is a person on the other side who believes that he will receive text rich in valuable information and learn something new. You must be the answer to all questions in your field. If a user asks you a question, respond, do not ignore any of them.
  4. All roads lead to you: convince your fans to come to you by using your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence. Try to build tension. A sneak peak in social media and a big WOW on your website
  5. Diversified content: you cannot ever be predictable or monotonous. Do not publish the same content everywhere. Mailing, social media, blogs—do everything to ensure that each of these sources allows recipients to learn something new, but, at the same time, it still needs to create a harmonious whole.
  6. Care for those who trusted you: after you win over your fans, do not forget about them while trying to acquire new ones. They also care about your image by disseminating your content. Let them be your partners, not just your clients.

 A difficult subject does not have to be boring

You might say that it is easier to write about fashion than about anti-burglar windows, but it is not necessarily true. There is a way to do everything—you only need to give yourself a chance and do not give up before you start. If you do not try, you will not know whether content marketing is right for you, while we assure you—it is right for you.

Even if you deal with serious stuff, sometimes you can assume a less serious approach. An example of this is the Visaxinum campaign, an anti-acne product for teenagers. “Don’t care about acne”—this was their advertising slogan. An uncomfortable subject, but the firm found a way around it.

A good idea for implementing content marketing is as a series of guides such as DYI or with practical advice. It works great in the construction and interior decoration industries. If you sell construction materials, write about efficiently using them in an unconventional manner. Video marketing can be useful for this purpose. It is appreciated both by recipients and search engines.

 Apart from the above, talk about important things and try to engage your recipients. Content marketing is for everyone.

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