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Quicker and more effective sales

Clients, who have the possibility to talk to a consultant in real-time are 5 times more willing to make a purchase. A direct conversation is the best way to show your care and interest in the client. By caring about the client you make the client feel unique and encouraged to return to your shop.

Improving the image and building trust in your company

By talking to a client in real-time you strengthen the credibility and reliability of your company, contrary to companies which do not use live chat and have clients who need to wait a long time for an answer. Instant support and prompt assistance directly translate into the frequency of purchases made by your clients.

The possibility to learn about your clients

NGChat collects and provides information about all users visiting your website: potential clients and buyers. With NGChat you have full access to data such as: buyers’ personal details (name, surname, e-mail address), their location, IP address and the browser they use. This makes it easier for you to adjust your offer to their preferences. By browsing their order history you can encourage them to make another purchase even more efficiently and suggest the best solution.

A thorough analysis of traffic on your website

Convert the traffic on your website into profits. After potential clients come to the shop’s website, you can invite them to chat about a product and engage them in a sales conversation. Statistically, 75% of clients abandon their shopping cart and do not finalize the payment if they are not properly served or motivated to make the purchase

A transparent and intuitive agent’s panel

The NGChat panel was designed to enable agents to use all functions which we provide to the fullest extent. Features and navigation are very easy and intuitive, which enables you to quickly and efficiently handle the panel, saving time and effort.

Integration with the most popular software for Internet shops

NGChat was created with the e-commerce industry in mind. It was adjusted so that it can be integrated with any e-commerce platform. We have also included quick and simple support for the most popular software for shops, such as: MAGENTO, WOOCOMMERCE, PRESTASHOP, SHOPIFY. Integration with NGChat is very simple—it only takes a couple of minutes.

Full information about orders

NGChat provides you with full information on clients’ orders, such as: the total value of all purchases, the average order value and the number of orders placed, as well as order values for individual products purchased by the client. See what your clients buy most frequently and suggest related or alternative products to increase your sales.

Webpages currently browsed by clients

NGChat follows your clients from the moment they enter the shop’s website. The agent’s panel allows you to see the webpage currently being browsed by the client in the form of a link leading to the webpage. This enables you to see exactly where the client is at that moment. Such information allows you to identify any potential problems or anticipate the client’s needs.

Quick and easy installation—a free trial for 14 days

We offer a 14-day trial period for our product, so you will be able to see the functions we prepared for you and evaluate the efficiency of our application before buying the package. The time needed to install and launch the chat on your website is 5 minutes.

The possibility to handle several clients at the same time—lower telephone bills

NGChat enables each agent to talk to several users simultaneously and handle their queries at the same time. A person who does not receive an immediate answer or is waiting too long for it loses trust in the shop. NGChat allows you to talk to several clients at once, while monitoring offers they browse in real-time.

The possibility to customize the chat window

The NGChat window which the client sees can be freely edited in the administration panel. You can change such elements as: skin (template) appearance, language, the content of default communications, avatar availability, the appearance of eye-catchers or the content of triggers. This enables you to easily customize the appearance and colors of the chat window to the style of your shop or website.

The possibility to evaluate conversations with agents

The live chat window enables your clients to evaluate conversations with agents, which allows you to see whether the user is satisfied with the assistance they received. This option gives you vital feedback which you can use to improve the quality of customer service in the future.

The last 5 webpages viewed by the client

NGChat shows you the last 5 webpages visited by the client while on your e-shop’s website. They are displayed in the form of links, which enables you to clearly see how the client moves around your website, outline the potential shopping path and indicate potential exit pages. Use this data to make your clients’ shopping process even more efficient!

The list of browsed products

The agent’s dashboard contains a list of products browsed by the client together with the order value for each of them. This enables you to learn about your client’s preferences and interests as well as which products are the most popular, and which are their favorite.

Viewing client’s shopping cart

NGChat enables you to see your clients’ shopping carts. You can view information about the names of products selected by the client, their quantity and price. This functionality enables you to identify information which is important for the seller, such as the most popular sets of products or the average order value. Initiate a conversation with the client, complete the shopping cart and suggest complementary products to increase your sales.

Buyer conversion

NGChat gives you information on client conversion: the number of visits to the Internet shop and the number of placed and completed orders. You can also view a list of clients with the highest and the lowest conversion rates. This information enables you to undertake activities to motivate and activate clients with low conversion rates or to support and inform clients with high conversion rates.

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