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Employer Branding – Why Should You Use It and What is Its Significance for Your Company’s Image

23 May 2016

The Polish labor market is abundant with educated people. More and more of them have a Master’s or an Engineering degree, which at one time was an open sesame to better positions. Nowadays it is not so easy. The applicants for a particular position need to compete with each other, whereas employers need to fight for good employees. Promoting an employer brand may prove to be the key in this case.

Efficient recruitment—you decide who works for you

Employer branding is nothing else other than all activities undertaken by the employer which are directed both to current and potential employees. The objective is to build a positive brand image in the context of a reliable and trustworthy employer, as well as supporting the execution of business goals. Building an employer branding strategy involves not only the owner(s) of the company but also (mainly) the HR department. An efficient recruitment process guarantees proper selection of employees and building a strong and cohesive team.

Let us go back to the source, that is the creation of an attractive workplace for employees. It is important to offer them favorable working conditions, an adequate salary, and opportunities for development. All these factors determine the employee profile, i.e. they are a signal for those who fit our concept.

Image building using new media

Promoting a company is currently one of its primary tasks. When a company is not trying to establish a positive image of itself, the media take over, however, the result is not always the one we would like. Everybody knows that conventional media are not everything. We are living in the age of the Internet and so being afraid of novelties and varied technologies is like pulling the rug from under our own feet. Building relationships with clients and trade partners becomes a vital element of building one’s own image. Social media are the main source of information about brands on the market. They enable us to reach our target group and give us a chance to gain more clients. You need to be creative, flexible and constantly follow your competitors. The fact that you are a company providing the highest level of services may not suffice. You need to act quickly and respond to the changing market needs.

A good team is for a lifetime

Hiring an employee is not equal to ending your attempts to make a good impression. On the contrary—it is just the beginning. The right person at the right place must feel that he is needed and that the team would not be complete without him. Employer branding is not only about actions aimed outside, but also inside. It is taking constant care of employee comfort, trying to gain their trust, and working on perfecting the team’s skills. The owner of the company is responsible for motivating employees to act and must be interested in each and every one of them, talk to them and integrate the entire team. Everyone must feel that they were the missing link before they became a part of the company.

Employer branding is one of the foundations on which the employer’s image is built. Creating a brand becomes a guarantee for its positive perception from the outside and potential employees being interested in applying for a position at the company. Inside the company, it is about creating a good team of people who understand each other well, are willing to work, and keep getting better and better at it.

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