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TrollGuard – How to Handle Cumbersome Clients

There is no single definition of a cumbersome client—there are as many characters as there are people. For one person a cumbersome client is an aggressive one, for another it will be a stressed out, pushy, overly secretive, shy and hesitant client. Everything depends on the industry in which you

NGChat Best and Only Live Chat for eCommerce

The Best Ecommerce Platforms for Small and Medium Enterprises

Conducting business on the Internet is a convenient solution. It offers numerous tangible benefits in the contemporary world. However, one cannot forget that this method is very different from the conventional way of running a company. There are several additional obligations, and one of them is the selection of an

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Get to Know Your Customers!

“You can distinguish yourself from others, proving to customers that you know how to help them” – it is necessary to know that customers are usually indecisive and they need someone who will help them make the right decision. The seller is, therefore, the one who should not

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Key for Your Success! [In eCommerce Industry]

Interest in Internet sales is increasing. This applies both to the sellers who now more often decide to run e-stores or enhance their traditional sales using the Internet, and customers who prefer convenience, speed, and comfort. Purchases via the Internet have many advantages, causing the 21st century to be the

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Sales Optimization? -This is so Simple!

When entering the e-commerce industry, it should be taken into account that many obligations are waiting there, which we will have to cope with at every stage of sales. This means that many people are not aware that merely creating an online store is not enough. It is also necessary

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