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Building Customer’s Trust and the Results of Sales

4 April 2016

In e – commerce, a company’s success depends on many aspects but, first of all, it depends on us and the way we manage to gain the customer’s trust. We cannot only be good, we need to be better than the competition, which as can easily be noticed, becomes larger, stronger and more determined. Therefore, our actions cannot be chaotic and we need to have a very well prepared strategy that will be, in the first place, focused on the customer rather than on the sale.

“The true art of sales is to give to customers answers to questions which they did not even ask”, namely, it is simply necessary to know them better. This is the secret of success of a good seller who enjoys the trust of his customers, is recognizable and respected. You have to earn the trust and then maintain and keep it. Therefore, selling is not only providing third parties with goods and products, but also constant care for the customers who initially gave us even the slightest trust.

Give something from myself

Upon implementation of your own business, you have to think what you can give from yourself to your potential customers. Naturally, you will conduct the sale of goods, but they are simply the source of your earnings, and that is not what it is all about at the moment. It is necessary to be aware that you have to give something more from yourself in a completely selfless way. A customer is a person who chooses a seller from whom he or she will receive more for less. Research proves that users visiting a website firstly pay attention to the layout and whether it is understandable and can be easily browsed. However, that is not all. Subsequently, customer service is extremely important, namely the direct seller-customer contact.

This is the way you can gain a good reputation among consumers and outrun the competition in the race for customers. Numerous statistics also indicate that building customer’s trust is directly reflected by an increase in sales. So, even if our prices are slightly higher than the competition with regard to, e.g. good quality of products, and we take care of the customers accordingly, that is we make our contact details available to them, and implement the contact chat application, we can be sure that our profits will increase. So first of all, the seller should give himself to his/her customers, be there for them, and maintain permanent relations with them.

A permanent client is the most valuable client

Sometimes sellers may, with full responsibility, say that they have a high conversion rate. Of course, this is a great success which is pursued by many owners of online stores. However, let’s think about whether this high number of users of our website is reflected in large profits and an increase in sales. It depends. There is one reason, we have many users, but hardly any customers. How does that work? Perhaps we have a very well positioned website and good Internet advertising, which means that many users reach our website through different communication channels. However, what happens next?  They enter the shop’s website and that is the end. This is the moment when the “trust impulse” should take effect, so it is necessary to do everything to keep the customers on our website, to allow them to learn more about us and to present our company and our offer in the best possible way. If we succeed, the next step on the part of the user will be the purchase of products in our store.

As may be easily noted, the road of the customer from obtaining information about your website to the purchase itself is very long. You should answer the following question: if the company is hardly known to you, will you willingly use its services, if at all? Fear, concern about an unfair seller, mean only a few will take the risk. Pursue your goal with small steps and you will achieve everything you want to.

“How can I help you?” – very powerful words

Let’s imagine a certain situation: we enter a clothes store in order to buy a new t-shirt. There is a shop assistant behind a counter who greeted us only with a quiet “good morning” and then starts to do her own thing. She did not approach us, did not ask what we need and did not offer her help. How do we feel in such a situation? Will the next shopping trip be an opportunity to visit the same store again? In most cases, the customer will avoid the store.

It is a similar case with online stores, where even more is expected from the seller. Customer-seller contact is limited. Often, to get to know something, the user has to send an e-mail to the address stated on the website, he or she then receives an answer, hopefully within several days. It is far too long, most of the time we want to receive specific information here and now. Live chat enables us to do exactly that. Customers feels safe when they browse the store. They know that they can contact a consultant if they wish, who will give them all the important information they need, which in turn will speed up their decision to purchase and improve the entire shopping process [for them].

In sales, the most important thing is having the awareness of the needs of our customers, who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company.

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