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5 hints on creating interesting advertising graphics

A graphic advertisement should have an impact on all the senses. You cannot limit yourself to sight only, i.e. create advertisements you simply want to look at. It must have a clear message to inform the recipient about the author’s intentions. However, it cannot be direct. Humans are artists by

NGChat best and only for ecommerce

Content Marketing – a Recipe for Success

It goes without saying that content has, for some time now, occupied the throne of the king of marketing. It also seems that it is set to stay there for the time being. However, it is not a mystery that good content goes by many names. What brings profits and

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Social Media and Their Role in the eCommerce Industry

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media portals are an obligatory element of an effective marketing strategy in the e-commerce industry. At first, most of these websites served a purely communicative role and gathered individual users. Today the situation is slightly different; take a look at how many

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Launching an eCommerce Business – How to Start?

At first, there was chaos… Can you avoid it, when the workload is so heavy? A well-planned job is half of the success, if not more! E-commerce is one of the most robustly developing industries in Poland. Interest in online purchases is constantly growing, and sellers try to provide their

NGChat best and only live chat created for ecommerce

TrollGuard – How to Handle Cumbersome Clients

There is no single definition of a cumbersome client—there are as many characters as there are people. For one person a cumbersome client is an aggressive one, for another it will be a stressed out, pushy, overly secretive, shy and hesitant client. Everything depends on the industry in which you

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