NGChat Partner Program

Get a steady stream of revenue flowing in by becoming a LiveChat partner.

Create your free partner account and earn commision as an affiliate or a reseller.






Earn money with us! A lifelong 20% commission!

The NGChat Partnership Program gives you the opportunity to earn money on your own client base. Earn as long as your clients are paying for their subscription!

Your main tools include banners, links and a promotional code you will place on your website or social media, and encourage your clients to click on them.


Quick registration!

A quick registration in the partnership program and providing basic details required to pay out profits is all it takes. All client accounts will automatically be visible in your panel.


Banner—your work tool

Your job is to acquire new clients for You can select a ready-made banner in your panel. Additionally, you can place your own banner or provide your clients with your code.

30-day cookies

If a client clicks on a link but does not make a purchase until 30 days later, we will assign that client to you anyway!

Full client statistics

You can check the number of clicks, the number of people who used the free trial period for the program, and clients who have already purchased a package in your panel on a current basis.

Continuous profits

Each newly acquired client for is a profit for you. You can check your current account balance in your panel at any time. The minimum amount required for a payment to be made is only $50.

Client’s details

As a partner you have access to the list of your users. You can see their name, e-mail address, status and the type of package they currently have.

Earn even more

Create your own integrations and widgets


E-commerce systems

You can create any integration with any e-commerce system by using our system. Use our widget creator and add all information which is important for your clients!

B2B systems

Create integrations with any B2B system. Our system offers user-friendly tools, which enable to be used in any of your clients’ Internet sales systems.

Integrate with anyone gives you the possibility to integrate with any CRM system as well as any mailing or SMS distribution system. It is you and your clients who decide what to display in the dashboard.

Earn even more

By creating widgets and integrations you can offer them to your clients through us or through other system users. Don’t wait—be the first one and earn even more.


Contact us if you have any questions—we will help you earn with us! e-mail: