Terms and Conditions of the NGChat.com Partnership Program


  1. Introduction
    • The organizer of the Partnership Program is NGChat.com
    • The objective of the Partnership Program is the promotion of the NGChat.com application among the Partner’s group of clients and the acquisition of new users.


  1. Definitions
    • Partner—a developer who designs websites for their Clients, particularly using Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Presto or other systems in which NGChat.com can be used. Partners receive a commission for clients acquired and making payments through their websites or by using their partnership code.
    • Subscription—a monthly or annual fee for access to the NGChat.com application and all its functions, which is paid by the Client to the NGChat.com operator, considering promotions and discounts which are generally binding for the Website.
    • Client—a firm or a natural person who uses the NGChat.com application while being a Client of one of the Partners of the NGChat.com website.
    • Link—a unique hyperlink for every Partner which enables Clients to go to the NGChat.com application’s website from the Partner’s website and which creates statistics for Clients executing that action, which will constitute the basis for the settlement of commission between NGChat.com and the Partner.
    • Paying client—a Client who paid for the use of the application during a settlement period selected by the Client after exhausting the 14-day free trial.
    • Settlement periods and discounts—charges for the website are collected in advance as selected by the Paying client: monthly or annually. Commission paid to the Partner includes discounts granted to the Paying client.
    • Basis for the calculation of monthly commission—the amount which was credited to NGChat.com’s account from the first until the last day of the month (according to bank statements) from Paying clients.
    • Number of Paying clients during a particular month—the number of Paying clients who paid for the right to use the NGChat.com website during a particular month, considering payments made for settlement periods longer than a month.


  1. Terms of cooperation
    • To start cooperation, the Partner registers on the following website: partners.ngchat.com. A link is automatically generated for the Partner. The link can then be inserted on Partner’s websites.
    • By registering on the NGChat.com website using a Partner’s link, the Client is assigned to a particular Partner and registered in the partnership system.
    • The Partner receives a login and a password from the website for an individual account in the partnership system administration panel. Partners can follow growth and activity statistics of their Clients by using their accounts. The statistics include such information as: the number of registrations, the amount of payments made during a particular month by Paying clients, and a calculation of the commission for the particular month.
    • The website does not give the Partner access to Client’s personal data or the possibility to browse Client’s sales documents.
    • By promoting the NGChat.com website the Partner undertakes to solely use promotional materials provided and accepted by NGChat.com. This applies both to visual materials (logos, banners, flash animations, multimedia presentations, etc.) and informational materials (contents of the offer, terms of cooperation, substantive articles, etc.).
    • It is forbidden to promote the NGChat.com website on websites with content prohibited by law, violating copyrights or other intellectual property rights and good morals, or constituting unfair business practice.
    • To identify Clients we use the following:
      1. Partner’s codes;
      2. cookies, which are valid for 30 days from the moment the Client visited the NGChat.com website from the Partner’s website.
    • In case a Client uses a Partner’s link and additionally uses the Partner’s code, the latter shall have a higher priority and shall result in assigning a Client to the proper Partner.


  1. Settlement and payments
    • The Partner shall be entitled to commission (net) in the amount of 20% of net revenue from Subscriptions which were actually paid by Paying clients acquired through Partner’s websites, who became Paying clients of the NGChat.com website after the end of the trial period.
    • Settlements with Partners shall take place on the basis of an invoice issued by the Partner the month after the month during which the Paying client paid the Subscription.
    • The minimum amount required for a payment to be made is $50.


  1. Final provisions
    • In case a Partner fails to acquire at least one Paying client within 1 year of joining the Partnership Program, the contract shall expire.
    • The organizer hereby reserves its right to:
      • refuse a Partner to participate in the Partnership Program without indicating the reason;
      • exclude a Partner in case the Partner violates provisions of these Terms and conditions. Such exclusion deprives the Partner of any claims concerning due commission;
      • change provisions of these Terms and conditions;
      • end the Partnership Program at any time, while at the same time undertaking to inform Partners about the termination no later than 30 days before the planned closure and to settle commissions due to Partners pursuant to terms set forth in p. 4 of these Terms and Conditions.