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5 hints on creating interesting advertising graphics

7 June 2016

A graphic advertisement should have an impact on all the senses. You cannot limit yourself to sight only, i.e. create advertisements you simply want to look at. It must have a clear message to inform the recipient about the author’s intentions. However, it cannot be direct. Humans are artists by nature, so they interpret certain signs on their own. Interesting advertising graphics are not only about the image—they are a thoroughly developed concept.

1. Too much of a good thing is too much for the client

An overload of graphic elements frequently distracts the recipients. They have difficulty understanding what the author had in mind. Focusing on one element allows you to more easily attract the client and involve them. If you use too many graphic elements, you risk forgetting the important things in the whole. If you advertise a product, make it the core of your advertisement. It is better to devote more attention to one thing than divide energy between various others, which can distort the entire concept as a result.

2. Demolish the Tower of Babel

It seems that, despite using the same language, we are frequently misunderstood. Why? Because we do not want to get to know each other. We know too little about each other and this limits our activities. Advertising is art and, as you know, art can be interpreted in many ways. It depends on culture, values, and beliefs. If your graphics only realize your concept but ignore your recipient, there may be a misunderstanding. Get acquainted with your recipient before acting.

3. The rhythm of colors

Colors are of tremendous importance. What is more, they frequently determine the nature of an advertisement. The symbolism of colors prevents the use of just any color for a graphic design. Can you imagine an advertisement for children’s clothing in black, grey, and indigo? Can you advertise car repair services using pink and purple? Do not forget about who you are and what you do. Adjust the colors to your company’s profile. Be objective and do not try to improve something that is already good enough. Simplicity and moderation—always bear that in mind.

4. You cannot change everything

This mainly applies to websites. There are particular structures which you need to follow and there is no way to go against them. The shopping cart in a shop is most frequently located in the top right corner. If you change its location, you force your client to look for it. What happens if he fails to find it? The graphic layout cannot supersede the functionality. Always use a practical approach to your projects.

5. Go to the higher level of your creativity

There is no doubt that advertisements must be original, otherwise they will not be noticed. They should stand out and attract attention, so do not avoid humor and modern technologies. Do not shut yourself away from the various options. Devote more time to graphics, but do it right.

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